Stations of the Cross



The Face of Jesus On the Cross

Statement about the Stations of the Cross


When I started painting The Stations of the Cross series, I had a deep sense of the gravity of the subject, the saddest journey to sacrifice  and redemption. For me, whether one believes in a literal or symbolic  interpretation, this is a moving and inspiring story of profound dignity, in the face of injustice, and horrific cruelty. I did not want  to paint a detached illustration of the events, but rather a suite of images that would touch deep emotions.

The process of painting was intuitive, spontaneous, with the images flowing quickly and directly, without premeditation or reference to sketches or photos. Using a fat brush in my non-dominant left hand, and a wet paper towel to wipe away excess paint in my right hand, the suggestion of  detail surprised me as it magically emerged.

The materials echo the themes of humility and glory. Each 12" square gold-leafed canvas is painted with the humblest flat black acrylic  gesso. The gold leaf creates a glow that is “alive” with light,  connecting the viewer with the artwork, as it constantly changes with,  and reflects their movement.

Audrey Frank Anastasi 


Jesus is Condemned


Jesus Takes Up The Cross


Jesus Falls for the First Time


Jesus Meets His Mother


Simon Helps Jesus Carry the Cross


Jesus Meets Veronica


Jesus Falls For The Second Time


jesus Speak to the Women of Jerusalem


Jesus Falls For the Third Time


Jesus Is Stripped of His Garments


Jesus Is Nailed to the Cross


Jesus Dies On the Cross


Jesus Is Taken Down from the Cross


Jesus Is Placed in the Tomb


Installation at the Oratory Church of St. Boniface, Brooklyn NY. 2011

boniface-station-head boniface-vertical-desaturat

Installation at the Oratory Church of St. Boniface, Brooklyn, NY. 2011


Audrey Anastasi - The Stations of the Cross, acrylic on gold leaf canvas, 12”x12”

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Stations of the Cross: Non-Catholic Creates  Lenten Meditation At Brooklyn Oratory Church